Base Pin

'A' position has the ports at 90 degrees to the pin.

'B' position has the ports in line with the pins.

Base The fixed end of the cylinder.
Bore The internal diameter of the hydraulic cylinder.
Clevis U shaped coupling, with pin holes, intended to accept a male mount in the gap.
Closed length The distance measured between two fixed points, on the the tube, and the rod when the rod is fully retracted.
Duty cycle The expected frequency of operation of the cylinder.
Gland Supports the rod and deals the cylinder at the rod end.
Open Length The distance measured between two fixed points, on the the thub, and the rod whent he rod is fully extended.
Phasing Phasing, or re-phasing cylinders are designed to enable a set of cylinders to be connected in series, and achieve equal rod extension, or retraction across all the cylinders in the set.
Pin eye Male clevis, designed to fit between clevis plates.
Piston Transmits the hydraulic pressure to the rod, to create a pulling or pushing force.

The connectionpoint between cylinder and the system.

Port Position 'A' : 90 degrees to the pin.

Port Position 'B' : ports in line with the pins. 

Rod The internal reciprocating member of the cylinder, connected to the piston at one end. Also referred to as the shaft.
SBH Spherical bearing housing.
Stop tube Internal fixture which limits the stroke, usually used in cylinders over 1200mm stroke to increase the rigidity of the cylinder, by increasing the distance between the gland and piston.
Stroke The linear travel of the piston within the cylinder.
Tube Barrel of the cyliinder. The cylinder size is designated byt he tubes internal diameter.