Nordon Cylinders 3D Modelling Website

Nordon Cylinders in 3 Dimensional or 2 Dimensional Model form now available on 

Welcome all customers, design engineers & cylinder users in Australia and throughout the Globe 
Make your own “Nordon” Cylinders and download in your preferred program, then add the model into your specific design application 

Nordon Cylinders 3D Modelling Website 
Nordon Cylinders in 3 Dimensional or 2 Dimensional Model form now available on 
(Affiliated to Solid Works International) 
The Nordon Cylinders Simple Steps: 
Step 1: How to get started: 
  • Got to the website:
  • Register "Top left corner of the web page". Note that registration allows access and downloading of the cylinders models
  • Then Log in

Step 2: Search for the Nordon Cylinder Page:

  • Go to the Search Bar and type – Nordon

Step 3: Cylinder Selection:

  • Select the Bore and Shaft size required
  • In the display window Download the viewing programme if required
  • Go to the Configure Box and select your desired mountings
  • Ensure each box has a selection whether it be Selected or Unselected
  • Click the Update View Button
  • To enlarge the model select HYPERVIEW (Bottom of the viewing screen) and then use the mouse to rotate your model, to leave the Hyperview press escape
  • If you are happy with your selection, download the model in your preferred format (Solid Works, Inventor, PDF Etc)
  • Once downloaded, the user can change the ports, stroke and shaft length or add a stop tube dependant on your application
  • Click Download, note the download will buffer for a few seconds
  • Once complete Save to your computer
  • In the company details box you can access our website through the link this will take you to our catalogue at
  • If you are happy with your download then please leave your feedback

Once again welcome, we thank you for using our cylinder models in your design