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Quality Cylinder Manufacturer

Nordon Cylinders is a quality assured company and is proud of our reputation for manufacturing excellence. By using only the best quality materials, equipment and labour we can boast a performance and product life that makes other cylinder manufacturers envious. When specifying a Nordon Cylinder you can take comfort in your choice of the premium Australian made hydraulic cylinder.

Quality Materials

  • Industry Leading High Corrosion resistant shaft to ISO 10.289: 200 hours rating >9. Periodically tested to ensure consistancy.

  • Induction hardened & 4140 shafts also available to provide for a wider range of applications.

  • SRB and honed 520 Mpa ST52 tube

  • Nordon Cylinders predominantly uses internationally available Hallite seals throughout it’s range. This ensures quality performance and availability of replacement seals worldwide.

  • Finished in quality 2 Pack polyurethane paint 

Quality Product Range

  • Standard range from 1.5" to 5" bore provides a greater choice for less expense.
  • Special range includes bores from 1.5" to 12" bore and strokes to 7meter and beyond
  • Custom specific cylinder manufacturing by consultation

Quality Processes

  • Each Component is Engineered and FEA simuation run with design reviews for constant improvement
  • Every cylinder manufactured by Nordon Cylinders is quality tested for integrity. 
  • Unique batch serial number identification tracking system for the life of the cylinder.


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